ucloud uhost reinstall-os

Reinstall the operating system of the UHost instance


Reinstall the operating system of the UHost instance. we will detach all udisk disks if the uhost attached some, and then stop the uhost if it's running

ucloud uhost reinstall-os [flags]


  --uhost-id     string     Required. Resource ID of the uhost to reinstall operating system 

  --password     string     Required. Password of the administrator 

  --image-id     string     Optional. Resource ID the image to install. See 'ucloud image
                            list'. Default is original image of the uhost 

  --project-id     string   Optional. Assign project-id (default "org-oxjwoi") 

  --region     string       Optional. Assign region (default "cn-sh2") 

  --zone     string         Optional. Assign availability zone (default "cn-sh2-02") 

  --keep-data-disk          Keep data disk or not. If you keep data disk, you can't change OS

  --yes, -y                 Optional. Do not prompt for confirmation. 

  --async, -a               Optional. Do not wait for the long-running operation to finish. 

  --help, -h                help for reinstall-os 

Options inherited from parent commands

  --debug, -d   Running in debug mode 

  --json, -j    Print result in JSON format whenever possible 


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